Finally changed to B…

I got some stoma-sick-felt while I saw ma score on practice no more than, ermm…, IT WAS TOTALLY WRITTEN E! OMG! Oh Mai God! Oh my… score. T___T What I have been done? Surely I was speechless, till I recognized who has fault. Then after saw what was the reason, this story has begun…

I was not telecom eng stud. And not power eng stud too. Tapi, ya while seeing breath branch of electronics on communication system, I tried it. Thus, I started it easily. No sashitsukaeru mono anymore to omotta. :p Gaa~, here was the problem. I just knew this breath had some, yaah, extra which was said by pract session, in lab of course. Not hard-hard enough. But still interesting.

Yo~ah, i was so curious. Had I apply this course? Then consult to our beloved kaprodi named Mr You-know-who-laa~ He said I must take this course too if i already choose this breath, without jartel. Thus, I tuk.

Nah-nah-nah…, after wan fall this sem, I got the score loh. See what? E!!! OMG! Oh Mai God! Oh my… score. T___T What I have been done? I not stupid!!! <= see? wkwkwkw… The reason is, I didn’t join at jartel pract. In this course, this pract, has 2 kind of practs, 1st comm sys and 2nd jartel. Dunno loh what jartel was, the fact I didn’t join it because of not ma breath. Then-then-then… I do kinda confirmation to the staff with bringing some shoko (<= what’s in english ya this? hahaha…), he assumed and knew and understood what I felt at that time (soooo hard looohh~~~…). Yap, I was given wan propo letter to ma beloved teacher who leads this course to correct ma score of course.

This story just began… (story board approx)

I go over the office… He was not over there. Yaa~, till sweety me on ma body. == Then I go to that office egen, mei you le… ==’ but thanks God, the assist went to me offering help to immediate this busy teacher wan. OK, I accept. I have to got some extra letter from TU for verification. Went to comm TU. The staff said, oh not this comm TU, but gen TU. Went egen to there loh~… It’s summer! >.> Then, OK, gotta one letter. Then, go egen to the assist place. Then, for several days, I didn’t contact. Saw ma score list, and still, E. == Then, mata mitomete shimau. Verified was terrible things. ==’ Ping-pong egen. Tapi, now for different story. They was no over there anymore! The other different staff said, yaa, moving workstation lah.

Huh? 😮

Then OK, I tried to search where it was? Nope, not found! Then, somehow, I got, they was changed to PLN building. Yaaa, went egen… == knok-knok-knok… Wanna see Mr XXX? Available? Sorry, he was no here… Aaarrrgghhh… Tapi egen, the super angel assist came and offering help egen. == Syukurlah. Then, she said they now was in trans condition, so cannot process the demand right now (at that time),

eg tool box still on furui (<= what’s this in english ya? hahaha… :D) office.

OK, receipt! Thus, I waited for some days. Went egen. She said, ‘sorry, the box was changed here but it was changed there egen…

Come other day ya. 🙂 <= khhh…

>.<‘ Honestly, I didn’t understand what she said about. Tapi, ok lah, receipt… == Then, other day, she was not in her office. <= where huh? Then, other day, she was *** egen… ==’ Tapi, gua got hp number from the staff.

Yokatta… 😀

Then, made appointment. Got at 10-an a’clock around. But, missed wan, I was played fb, flickr, and something stuff. Ya, that Then, today, I came, she just went… == OK, I called her, and we made again appoint (with some additional instruct to her office at PLN <= what shamefull me~). Thus-thus-thus, I ran to her place, and…

Yay~! I got the repair!

thanks to gaszappers

thanks to gaszappers

Hohoho… It was so terrible. But, finally I was so rileks. ~(^.-)~