Womanizer Parody – VenetianPrincess

First, I have to say that I am fan of Britney Spears. Most of my ComLabs friends know this fact undoubtly. Oh-oh-oh… And for sure I really damn addicted with her last stunning song named “Circus”, which is made me always wanna hear again again and again. And how about “Womanizer”? Oh babe, this song cannot infiltrate to my heart… You have to check the video first. Gah! Ahahaha…

But check out this one dude~

You will get such boisterous laughter when hearing it. Jodie Rivera a.k.a VenetianPrincess makes this song a powerful parody. The song that tells about nerds who are being so obsessed and, about a ger who is obsessed too with these nerds. Dunno who is the real nerd… -_-‘ Based on her dress, style, that make her very toot, I guess she is the real ah huay. :3 Wkwkwkw…

Oya, No vulgar scene. No stupid beautility. But very the best one while this rhyme comes, “together we’ll discuss html and c++”… oh sick qia zhar bo…


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