Can you read this?

Yo~ I just figured out something about yellow pages from my child memories. Hahaha… Actually, yellow book, that is written in arabic, however the language is javanese. And I just realize, I typed this originally from Latin alphabet, which we borrowed this writing system into our daily life. Not only us, even England, Roman, Spain, and most countries are used this writing system.

And let’s see how with others. The Japanese borrows Chinese characters for their daily life. Even Korean at the past use the characters into their daily life too. And if we move to the north earth, the Cyrillic is used on the following countries, Bulgarian, Russian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, etc.

الهندسة الكهربائية

الهندسة الكهربائية

However, the Arabic writing system, the second most used alphabet around the world after the Latins, is well adopted on Iran, Egypt, Urdu, Swahili, Kazakh, Hui Chinese, Tatars Belarus, etc, although their languages are very different. Then, I found, with any occasion, that, LaTeX has a wow ability to convert Latin alphabet to Arabian one. Hahahaha… It’s kinda weird if I read this text. Then, please read this text if you can. (:

The contents are far from religious. It’s about atheism and terrorism impact that may happen to the young generation. Happy reading. 😀

قضية الإلحاد

ویا، جدی سبتولنیا تولیسننیا یتو دیتولیس پاکی بحسا یندونسیا. جدی، سلامت ممبچا. 😆


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