Boseong Nokchabat – 보성녹차밭으로 가는 인도네시아 사람의 일기

Last week, I have a chance to get my feet to arrive at Boseong, Jeollanamdo. Many of my Korean friends have said nothing but good about this province. So I do a little bit of research on my own, and I found that this place has an enormous amount of interesting places to go. So, the day has been set up, and I went to the station to pick my ticket up. Unfortunately, the tickets are sold out. I am forced to start my journey at the next day, the journey to Korean tea plantation, Boseong Nokchabat.

That’s okay for me. But man… the transportation for going there is quite adventurous for me. It is far, and certainly not crowded, and of course, more traditional scenes can be seen along the route. The road is refreshing. I take a train, continued by taking intercity bus from Gwangju to Boseong. And at the last minute before the departure, I loss my ticket. Duh. I don’t know how it can disappear without my notice. I ran to the booth and re-buy my ticket. =_=

The story didn’t stop there. Because I get off from the bus at the wrong city. Hahaha. I thought the bus has stopped at the destination, so when I asked the driver, “So, here is Boseong, right?” He just nodded and encourage me to get off from the bus as soon as possible because of the queue behind me. Hah. Then I realized. I arrived at the middle of nowhere between Gwangju and Boseong. I am lost. Hahaha.

Fortunately, there is a village bus coming passing me, and the driver told me that I can go to there by riding his bus. So then, I arrived at Boseong.

Next, the city bus from Boseong to Nokchabat is still long to depart. So I decided to take a taxi from the terminal to the Nokchabat. I just very exhausted at that time. But, hahaha, the taxi meter is running quite little bit faster than ordinary Korean taxi. Anyway, I arrived at the tea plantation nicely and safely. It is cloudy at the time I arrived there. But it is good.

Finally, here is my footage about my journey there. Enjoy. 😀

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