Something just doesn’t change

One day I thought, humanity day by day evolve their knowledge into something better, something that has more complexity and beauty than the previous one. We move forward into something that more advance. We are getting better and better. And something new always arrives in front of humanity doorstep. Every day we may think like, “What’s new? Did something happen? What kind of thing that we can innovate today?”

But, it’s not always the case.

Do we think that we are kind of special generation that lived outperform our ancestors? Do we, as a species, have better critical thinking and innovation than our previous generation?

Let’s appreciate our languages now. The languages that we have now, arguably, much simpler than the old languages. At least, that’s the impression I get when I learned Akkadian language, a family of dead language from the past, the language itself is so weirdly hard. It is so hard, that you need special registered memory in order to read an ordinary word that is written using a mixture of the previous writing system, named Summerian, and a bunch of weird reading technique. It is not alphabetical like the characters we had today, it was pictogram. And not only Akkadian, the other old languages most of them are pictograms, resulting in hundreds or thousands of characters needs to be remembered in order to read a simple sentence.

Sometimes, in our modern time, their language is just not efficient. Their numbering system is also weird. But, is it suitable for them? Well, Egyptians build pyramid eventually. And building pyramid is not an easy job. You need to calculate complex thing with math obviously.

Our ancestor thought differently than most of us now, they thought things in a complex manner.

And here we are, living a simple life, with a simple writing system (except those Chinese and Japanese), with simple language. In this case, we as species may tend to think simpler than our ancestor.

It is just the language part. There are also other parts which we didn’t really advance as a human being. But anyway, there is something else.

No matter wherever you live, no matter what kind of era you live, no matter how advanced humanity will become, humanity has the same desire on their mind.

We love goodness in this life. We love kindness. We want to be treated fair in this life. We want to live in beautiful place. We want to have good friends. We should help each other in goodness. In particular, we should help the unfortunate among us.

Be trustful. Be kind. Be charitable. Be honorable.

This is what will never be changed in human desire.